The Curated Shelf

curated sign 2a

When a book fascinates me (say, Paul Bowles’ The Sheltering Sky), I am compelled to read a background history of the author’s life (Without Stopping: The Autobiography of Paul Bowles or Ian Findlayson’s Tangier: City of the Dream) or to draw from authors in whose circles he traveled (A Life Full of Holes, the sparce and harsh collaboration of Bowles and Larbi Layachi, or the excellent short stories by his wife, Jane Bowles).

Now that I manage an Oxfam book and music shop, I have little time to daydream and browse for new works. I rely on the writers, artists, musicians and readers around me for inspiration. Who better to draw from than the writers in our OxfamReads! series? I wondered what would they create if they were “let loose” (to borrow Jo Ind’s phrase) in Oxfam to play. So I selfishly created the concept of the The Curated Shelf.

This year’s two-week event featured five of our OxfamReads! authors. If you were not able to visit the shop, here is the archive of their efforts.

–Ladi, Shop Manager

Follow the links to each author’s curation:


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