OxfamReads! Charlie Hill

Thursday, September 10th, 2015 at 4 pm.

Charlie Hill is the author of three Birmingham-set books. The first — a political love story called “The Space Between Things” — was published in 2010. The Times called it “a celebration of Moseley” while the Observer said it was “inventive and full of promise.”

Three years later, his second novel “Books” came out. A satirical farce about art and literature, it featured the antics of a bookshop owner from Harborne and a professor at the University of Birmingham. “Books” was perhaps unique in that it was simultaneously lauded by the Financial Times – who said it was “sharp, funny and shrewd” – and the Morning Star who claimed it was “a serrated weapon of war.”

His next book, a novella called “Stuff” is set in Kings Heath and due out in 2016.

Charlie will read a complete short story about Birmingham which was featured in the summer exhibition of the Ikon Gallery and an extract from Stuff.



A great reading by Charlie Hill. OxfamReads! is such a wonderful opportunity to hear writers talking about writing. Charlie discussed his satire on literary culture, “Books”, and his take on modern publishing.  –Ladi

Charlie Hill at OxfamReads!


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