The Curated Shelf

We asked five local authors and members of our OxfamReads! series to curate shelves from the our donated offerings. The Curated Shelf goes on display on September 21st.

Participating authors include: Jo Ind, former Birmingham Post writer; David Hart, 1997/8 Birmingham Poet Laureate; Catherine O’Flynn, winner 2008 First Novel Award at the Costa Book Awards; Katherine D’Souza, author of the Birmingham-set novels “Deeds Not Words” and “Park Life”; and Gaynor Arnold, whose work “Girl in a Blue Dress” was long-listed for the 2008 Man Booker Prize.

Katherine D’Souza says, “Curating a shelf was a lovely opportunity to share the love of reading. It’s not something which has to be solitary experience, after all. Discovering that someone else has read the same book as you is a great point of connection.”

“I’m interested in seeing what shelves other writers have curated,” says Jo Ind. “However they have made their choices, they will be telling a story, one that I very much look forward to reading.”

David Hart and Catherine O’Flynn’s curations begin 21 September. Gaynor Arnold, Jo Ind and Katherine D’Souza’s curations begin 28 September.

The Curated Shelf can be explored online here –> click me


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