Our handmade cards make a difference!

Cards from AfricaYou already know Oxfam’s great range of everyday cards. But did you know that our stunning Cards from Africa are handmade—even the paper!

The Cards from Africa program offers employment and training to orphaned youngsters who are also heads of their families. In addition to their craft work for 30 minutes every morning they learn about financial management, practical business skills, health care, and other essential life lessons that those with parents may take for granted.


Rachelle lost both her parents by the time she was 13 and was left to look after her younger brother and sister by herself. Miraculously she survived living off of what they could grow on a small plot of land and getting odd jobs from neighbours.

Rachelle making her cards

Cards from Africa found her and offered her a job at age 18. She was now able to pay for her siblings to go back to school, pay for health care and have a healthy diet. When asked what difference making greeting cards has made, she said, “I’m not just surviving now, I can plan for my future. It has given me hope.”


Members of Rachelle’s family and close neighbours have died from malaria. She knows more than anyone that a stable job is vital to quickly paying for treatment if anyone in her family falls ill. Now her family all sleep with mosquito nets, something that before working at Cards from Africa she never did. The 30-minute teaching sessions gave her the skills to start a small business which has significantly increased her monthly income.

Cards from Africa are featured in Oxfam’s everyday and Christmas card ranges.
Each card is signed by the maker and priced at £2.99!