Lift Lives

Lift one person through Oxfam, and they will lift others. Before long, whole communities are feeling the impact. With your help, one good thing leads to another.

Oxfam Kings Heath has become a second-home to many of us. It’s a place where donated books and music gain new life by inspiring you to create, to learn, and to imagine.

That simple act of sharing not only lifts lives around you, but across the world in other communities. Our contributions to Oxfam support such vital projects as paying for midwives in Ghana; providing cell phones to women leaders so they can receive vital farming information, such as weather reports and market prices; and installing a few hundred toilets in Kenya to stop the spread of disease, create jobs, and even help farmers grow food.

When you visit our shop, you also brighten the lives of our volunteers! Each of us brings a unique skill set and background that we enjoy using to connect you with the perfect book, a unique gift, or a new sound. Our shop runs on the creativity and effort of our volunteers and we couldn’t do it without them.

Our goal is to not only be a place to browse and shop, but also a place to participate in events such as author readings by Birmingham’s ex-poet laureate David Hart and The Minimalists, or a fun workshop on creating paper Christmas trees from upcycled books. Over the next year, we plan to host even more events.

In this blog, we’ll share with you fascinating new donations and keep you updated on future events. You can also like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for updates.

So stop by and help Oxfam lift communities one person at a time!