A House is not a Home

Managing a Home

Managing a Home

“When the builder has finished your house, and hands you the key,” says Henry Ward Beecher, “that is not your home; it is not yet complete.”

I adore antiquated housewifery books, so I was delighted to snap up a tattered copy of Woman’s World, published by Lever Brothers Ltd, “soapmakers to Her Majesty the Queen.”

For the past two weeks, our refitters have been hard at work. Now it’s our turn to transform a bare interior into a warm and inviting space. We’ll start by adding personal touches to help you find things more easily, such as a new multidrawer cabinet for sheet music, a chalkboard behind the till, and quirky labels on the shelves.

Fortune’s rebuffs lose half their stings, ambition’s disappointments become less keen, when solace can be found in the healing atmosphere of home.

We’ve been imagining ways to make our refitted Oxfam shop a home-away-from-home. But it’s not just our home–it’s yours too! So we welcome your comments and suggestions.

Sunlight we must have in the home, as it is the souce of life, enery, and beauty…the golden streams of Sunlight can illuminate and brighten the interior.

We can’t add windows, so cool, fluorescent lights will brighten the shop and lift our spirits on dark days.

Badly drained and damp houses are nothing but death traps!

Well, it’s not been that bad, but our volunteer kitchen did need repairs. A leaky drain was fixed and a functional space for enjoying a cuppa was built.

The three most dangerous enemies to health are—Excess of heat, damp and cold. —Dr. Bader.

Keeping a dry environment is essential in a bookshop, where moulds can easily invade paper. Our heating was updated to a greener, more economical and efficient system that also provides more space in the workroom and shop.

Myriads of tiny microbes…thrive where dirt is to be found…

Gone are our old carpets which although they made the shop feel homey were filthy! Hardwood-look floors are easier to clean which means less book dust circulating in the air. Our customers and volunteers with allergies and asthma beg your understanding. Go ahead and track in mud—we can easily mop it up.

As year by year rolls on, competition in every branch of trade grows keener and keener.

Since the suggested occupations of dairy teaching and millinery are not ideal, we’ll stick to clerkship! Our workroom now has two desks where we’ll process your gift aid donations, research antiquarian books, and sell items online.

“By love serve one another,” and you will find that brightening other people’s lives is the surest method to adding sunshine to your own.

Lift one person through Oxfam, and they will lift others. Before long, whole communities are feeling the impact. With your help, one good thing leads to another.

–Ladi, Shop Manager

Woman’s World. Circa 1900. Gilt title on spine. 474 pp. Condition: Poor. Spine detached, title page missing, pages brittle. Sold for £3.99.